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Tunnels and Terminals

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May 7th, 2010

09:18 am - Supernatural - Two Minutes to Midnight Review
Sometime in the past year I turned into a total spn fangirl. And just because I've been silent before now, doesn't mean I haven't been watching. Based on last night's episode, I'm not at the point where I feel I have to share my opinions. So here we go.

 Crowley definitely has something up his sleeve. He brings Dean to a warehouse surrounded by reapers, pops in to take a look, then pops out and says nope, not here! We better be going! What's happening with that warehouse? I doubt that's the end of it. He also suggested he and Dean go and get some pizza and forget about investigating the warehouse altogether, which I would let go - they are in Chicago - if the Impala hadn't been parked convenient outside of the pizzeria Death was in. Could have been Death orchestrated that part, but still. I don't think Crowley's entirely on the level.

Also, I'm getting a little tired of Cas being used as a deus ex machina. Pestilence attacking? Don't worry, Cas took a bus to save the day! Sam about to get strangled by a Croat? Cas with a gun! In season 4 and early season 5 Cas seemed like a kick ass character who was developing into this being with the ability to grow and make choices, and now he's pulled out when ever the boys do something stupid and need saving. 

This episode ended up feeling way too crowded, while the last was too empty. I understand why some of the events couldn't be shifted back to last week's episode, considering what had to happen first and what had to happen simultaneously, but the pacing for both could have been better. 

  Finally, the boys! Dean's deal with Death might come back to bite him in the ass, but if it does it might make for some good content next season, so we'll see how that goes. I'm sort of pleased how we're coming back to Sam after all of this Dean focus. Not that we haven't seen some of Sam recently, but it seems like somewhere along the line, Dean became the main character, and Sam became the sidekick. At least to me it does. I really hope they find a way to resolve the the Lucifer storyline without ending in Sam jumping in the pit. 

No comments on the trailer for next week! I live in Canada! I haven't seen it yet!
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